Cacilheiro “Madragoa”

Novas 071.jpg

Did you know that Lisbon lies on the River Tagus (Rio Tejo), about 10 km from its mouth at the Atlantic Ocean. The river is about 2 km wide opposite the city centre and its depth reaches a maximum of 41 metres – About two-thirds of the way across from Lisbon to Cacilhas. For many years there was a very intensive service of conventional ferry boats to half a dozen destinations on the southern bank. Cacilheiro boat “Madragoa” Reg. No: L-3141-TL. Built in 1980/81 at Aveiro by Estaleiros S. Jacinto. 313 tons gross. 31.35m x 7.26m x 3.03m. 500 passengers and 4 crew. 770hp MTU diesel engine. Speed 10kt/hr.

Address: Cais do Sodré 


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