Caza das Vellas de Loreto, EST. 1789


DSC_3043.JPGOnce upon a time… the Hungarian genius composer Franz List arrived in Lisbon for a concert –  back in 1845 – The old shop received a strange request: To supply hundreds of red candles to illuminate the saloon were the greatest composer was to be received shortly before conducting a concert at Teatro Nacional de São Carlos… The candles were made of bee-wax and the color was… the boring wax color, a pallid white. After the successful new red candles model, they start making candles of different colors and fragrances. Electricity made the business almost bankrupt, but fortunately the shop survived and we can still buy some old candles with traditional fragrances created using bee-wax. This, is one of the oldest shops located in the heart of Lisbon, founded by Domingos Sá Pereira in 1789, and they even have a Facebook page now! At the entrance one can still see a giant candle similar to those that exists in Lisbon in the XIX century before electricity. Entering the shop is like stepping back in time and is should be mandatory for any visitor to Lisbon!

Address: Rua de Loreto, 53, Lisboa – T: 00351 213425387


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