Barbearia Campos, EST. 1886

 Imagem 301

The oldest document that mentions “Cabelleireiro” dates back to 1886 and due to its privileged location – one block from Chiado – and high quality services, Barbearia Campos has always distinguished itself from other establishments and is now the oldest in town.  This barber shop has always been the favourite to some famous figures. From arts to politics and even members of royal families, several were here for an old style traditional haircut or a mustache trimming. Back in the 1920s men began to wear their hair in ways popularized by movie stars like Rudolph Valentino. Hair was cut short and they used pomade, creams and tonics to keep their hair in place. You can still ask for a vintage haircut or a proper shave, as they master the art of straight razor shaving. Admire the primitive chairs, the ironing machine and if you want, cut your hair!

Barbearia Campos – Address: Largo do Chiado, 4, Lisbon –  T: 00351 213428476


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