Casa Independente – The Cultural Palace


The old palace lays in Intendente Square, an area that was once avoided and abandoned for decades. Inside you’ll find old furniture, vintage decoration and a great cultural agenda with different kinds of music, good food and a relaxing terrace perfect to read a book. They wanted to bring back the “Grémios”: cultural cooperatives places where people gathered to chat, dance and drink back in the old days. There was a “Grémio” here before, but that was closed in 1938 by the dictatorship. When you step inside, it looks like you’re in some old movie scenario, everything has come back to life. The old rooms beautifully decorated, outside, the terrace is excellent for a cold beer or a hot chocolate. This is a place where you can find everything and easily spend the whole afternoon, and maybe stay for dinner and live music!

Casa Independente – Address: Largo do Intendente, 45, Lisboa – T: 00351 218875143


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