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We’ll welcome you to experience a genuine Lisbonite’s day, taking you on a Lisbon introduction tour. Let’s explore the old quarters and experience how real lisbonites live while having some snacks along the way! A relaxing way to discover the town.   (4h) 50€ p/ pax. min 2 pax. *Price includes 2 drinks and 2 snacks


Vintage Lisbon's Tour


A journey that starts in the early 1900’s. this is not a boring history class, but a great way to discover how the old city changed dramatically into a progressive new Lisbon with “Art Nouveau”, unique iconic shops, casinos and cinemas, the “modern” trends, culture and Portuguese way of life. A time machine from the beginning of the century until the 50’s including the hard times of WWII and the longest years of one of the longest dictatorships in Europe. (5h) 60€ p pax. min 2 pax. *Price includes 2 drinks and 2 snacks




A Tour for the foodies travelers. Discovering Lisbon with empty belly? Not in my watch. We’ll take a deep dive into the heart of town while visiting traditional “Tascas”! Try the genuine portuguese “Petiscos” (snacks) like Pastéis de Bacalhau (codfish patties), the “bifanas” (pork sandwich) and the “natas” egg custards.  (5h) 60€ p/pax. min 2 pax. *Price includes 4 drinks, and 4 snacks p/ pax.




We will take you to the best murals of Lisbon, nowadays one of the top destination cities for urban designers and street artists. (6h) 50€ p/ pax. min 2 pax. *Price includes one shot of a traditional local drink and 1 snack.




Let’s go back to my childhood memories and old favorite places. Visit the quarter where I was born and raised, check some of the most iconic places of one of the best places to live in town. Welcome to the “new city” from the 40’s, a living quarter far from the touristic track where the authentic city comes to life! (4h) 60€ p/ pax. min 2 pax. *Price included 2 metro tickets, 1 meat patty, 1 natural juice and 1 ice cream.




Looking for a private local guide? Regular tour times don’t fit your schedule? Do you like to combine Unique Tour + Taste of Lisbon Tour? Afraid of getting lost in Sintra? We can do the must-see’s or take the not-so-beaten path. It’s up to you!
Send an email to getlostgolocal@gmail.com




How to book?  getlostgolocal@gmail.com / +351 962900148 

  • – Price per pax
  • – Min of 2 pax p/ Tour (if you’re alone or in a group, please send me an email)
  • – Visits inside monuments not included 
  • – Free for children under 12
  • – Always book in advance (48h if possible)

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