29Hi! I’m Nuno, born and raised in Lisbon. Studied Tourism and worked in the Estoril Board of Tourism for almost 10 years. I’m a freelance writer and photographer at Spotted by Locals, musician, old cars lover, foodie, traveler, curious about the city and its people, passionate about history and architecture. I’d love to share with you the history and culture of one of the oldest cities in Europe, older than Rome itself! I’ve been creating cultural and touristic experiences since 2011, testing the most genuine and authentic places, getting lost sometimes in my old small city – This is the best way to discover Lisbon’s secrets. Let me know if you want to discover the city with the help of a local guide, avoiding tourist traps and huge crowds. Let’s hit the old quarters and discover genuine places, the ones that the tourist books forget to mention or are yet to found. Let me take you to experience the city and it’s culture through the eyes of a local.


Why chose a local guide?

  • Follow my inside tips instead of your old and updated guidebook… from 2013.
  • Buy original 100% “made in Portugal” products and avoid tourist traps.
  • Enjoy a unique, personal experience and support the very local community.
  • Check the restaurant on the corner loved by the locals for its delicious food.
  • Visit places I would go personally as a Lisboner, my favorite places.

More about me



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